Why is there evil in the world?

God gave us free will so that we would choose to love & adore him, as a small child loves his or her parent with abandon: completely & without reserve. Just as we can choose to love God, we can choose to turn away from him. The more we shut ourselves off from the light of God’s love, the darker our interior life becomes. It is that darkness that is anger & hatred. At any time we choose, we can ask God’s forgiveness & he will. Then the darkness lifts.


Why is there suffering in the world?

Because we all sin, Jesus Christ died for us. He paid a debt he did not owe, because we owe a debt we could not pay. Our suffering is a way to unite ourselves to Christ, to have an understanding of what did for us. Most of us cannot comprehend but a fraction of the sacrifice he made for all the sins in all the world during all time.